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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Jax is raw and Gemma's scared, who implodes first?

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is the last, but these guys are ready to tell a story no one's ever touched on by way of TV.
"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is the last, but these guys are ready to tell a story no one's ever touched on by way of TV.
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Sons of Anarchy’s” seventh and final season won’t kick off for a few months yet, but series creator, Kurt Sutter continues to throw tiny hints out there on what you might expect this final time around for the SAMCRO boys. While spoilers spill out of every corner of the Internet for this show, a recent review of “Sons of Anarchy” reminds the fans of the vast amount of talent on this series.

The review was done on the World TV PC website on Feb.17 and it hit the nail on the head when it talks about talent. It is that talent that pulls you in and it won’t let you go. These folks make the story lines theirs.

Two of the greatest scenes to ever come out of this show were done by Jax and Gemma. The the last scene of season six with Jax wailing over the death of Tara offers humongous talent on Charlie Hunnam's part. You could feel the despair coming from Jax, he did this scene so well.

The other scene was when Gemma was raped and it wasn’t the rape scene, but how she kept it hidden for the sake of the club and the aftermath of the rape. That rape happened earlier on in the series and it was disturbing to see what Gemma went through as a piece of property belonging to Clay and SAMCRO. Gregory Boone of World PC TV is right when he raves about the skill the actors bring to this show.

When season 6 came to an end, this put Jax, or Charlie Hunnam, probably in one of the toughest scenes he ever had to play in his life. He needed to have the right amount of sorrow, guilt and slowly turn that to anger, as he sets out to find the killer of his wife.

He won’t need to look far, but he won’t see it at first. While signs will probably pop up all around him in the up and coming season, Jax has a quiet way of rationalizing his mother’s behaviors when he comes close to finding the truth. Fans saw this a few times when she’d interfere with Tara and Jax, but any stand that he would take against Gemma would wane as time went on.

Gemma, Jax and the SAMCRO family does something that only one other show has been able to do. They show a kind, loving and decent side to folks that are crude and godless people on a face value. HBO “Sopranos” was able to do the same with most of their characters, but especially Tony Soprano.

“Sons of Anarchy” gives the viewer’s reasons to hate and adore Jax Teller and sometimes this is done within the same scene. When Jax blew the head off of the transgendered Venus’s mother a while back, you caught his heartache seeing the young teen boy that was drugged and used in porn movies by his grandmother.

In a matter of minutes the woman had a hole in her head, with no warning at all coming from Jax. She wouldn’t stop belittling Venus and Jax had enough so he silenced her for good. You couldn't help but wonder if that was a bullet he just couldn't bring himself to put through Gemma's head.

Speaking of Venus, it looks like Tig gets his gal, it appears as though the two hookup in the last season and you already know how accepting the SAMCRO family is of Venus, they treat her just as if she’s one of their family.

Jax and the “Sons of Anarchy” bikers play characters that have been played for a long time on TV and in the movies. They are the modern day cowboys, the James’ Gang of today's world. They are the “Sopranos” or the “Godfather” of this decade. Others have slightly touched on showing the different dimensions of the bad guys, but other than the “Sopranos” and “Sons of Anarchy,” no one has taken it to the fullest extent.

“Sons of Anarchy” has done it the best. The sense of loyalty that the “Sons” have is not something found in many sub-cultures today, except maybe biker gangs. It can be a sick loyalty, but it is loyalty never the less.

When season 7 opens, only a few weeks since Tara’s death has gone by, so fans will see a very raw Jax. He will probably go one way or the other, either he will find the error of his ways and correct them or dive head first into as much evil as the biker route will take him.
The only thing that might pull him back to center is his relationship with his two boys, but seeing Jack go off into the dark side for a little while won’t surprise too many fans.

Worlds will collide once he finds out that it was Gemma who killed Tara with her own two jealous and psychopathic hands. You just know that Sutter won’t leave that stone unturned. He has the setting for dynamite, so you just know he is going to have to use it eventually and let Gemma fall into the mercy of Jax.

Season 7 should offer one very bumpy and thrilling ride with the SAMCRO boys. It’s just too bad it is months away from its debut!

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