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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Jax and Wendy hook up as Drea de Matteo now regular?

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 to bring Wendy's character back as a regular. What does this mean for Jax?
"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 to bring Wendy's character back as a regular. What does this mean for Jax?
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Sons of Anarchy” season 7 has Dre de Matteo on as a regular cast member for this final season with the SAMCRO boys. This suggests that Wendy will become one of two things to Jax on the show, now that Tara’s out of the picture, since she was brutally murder by Gemma in last season’s finale.

According to Vuture on Jan. 8, while Drea de Matteo has been in a few episodes each season, now she’s bumped up to a regular cast member. This means fans will be seeing a lot more of her in “Sons of Anarchy” season 7.

There’s two camps on Wendy’s return when it comes to predictions. One theory is that she will step-in and become Jax’s old lady once again. The second is that she’ll become a real thorn in the side of Jax and Gemma wanting Abel back.

Other than the drug problem, Wendy is more like Jax’s mother Gemma than Tara ever was. This might appeal to the president of the MC who can’t seem to get out from under his mother’s grip.

Jax has shown he has a tendency to use people as the seasons progressed, much like his mommy dearest. Maybe this is where Wendy fits in. She can be the old lady at home not asking any questions with the kids while Jax does his full time SAMCRO business.

The only stumbling block to Wendy becoming Jax’s old lady again is that he hates her. Maybe since Tara had plans for Wendy to take the boys if she were to end up behind bars, Jax reconsiders. If it was good enough for his dead wife, maybe it’s good enough for him.

Wendy was probably one of the favorites to get killed off in season 7 because she’s messed up enough times and she’s really outlived her entertainment value. Her role of the ex who floats in and out of Jax’s life is growing old.

If Jax gets back together with her, this would change the dynamics drastically and Wendy may become a more interesting player in the SAMCRO game. She knows a lot about the club and Gemma.

Maybe Wendy will be the one working with the DA toward bringing the club down now that Jax has no need to help the DA anymore. He agreed to talk to keep Tara out of jail, but Tara's dead, so that's wiped off the table.

Whatever story line they go for with Jax and Wendy, you can bet it will be filled with emotion, the sky is the limit with these two. Fans have seen the hate play out with Jax and Wendy, that wasn't a pretty picture.

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