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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Jax and Gemma with a splash of Juice, a deadly mix?

'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: The final season has Juice holding the key to mother and son's future.
'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: The final season has Juice holding the key to mother and son's future.
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“Sons of Anarchy” season 7 is the final season of the show, so knocking off Gemma, Jax or even the entire club is not beyond possibility. Kurt Sutter, who gives the heartbeat to the show, can mold the SAMCRO boys into astronauts if he wanted to, but he probably has something a bit more grounded in evil deeds in mind. The way the final episode played out in season 6 offers up some hints of what direction the creator might take the “Sons of Anarchy” to its end.

A Jan, 3 article from EnStarz reminds the “Sons of Anarchy” fans that Juice is the only person who knows the truth about Gemma killing Tara. While this potentially gives him a lot of power, that's not something that will necessarily appeal to Juice. It’s not power he’s looking for.

Anyone who has watched this show for some time knows that Sutter plants hints of what’s to come in past episodes and Juice was on a mission to make his life matter. He wants to feel like he is doing good deeds for people. That’s probably not something he is going to find with the SAMCRO boys anytime soon.

He is consumed with getting Jax to accept him, so now that he knows how Tara met her demise, will he use this as a ticket to get into good graces with Jax? While doing this too early on in season 7 wouldn’t make any sense because half of the entertainment is going to be watching Gemma squirm as folks investigate the killing of Tara.

This final season could be thought of as a new canvas for Sutter. There’s no more consideration needed to leave things so the “Sons” have a story line to work with for another season. Sutter could have Jax tilt in the direction of evil, now that the two closest people to him, Tara and Opie, are no longer around to keep him grounded.

Is it his time to go all out in a gangster-like demeanor? Fans have seen a touch of that out of Jax in season 6, he was quick to kill, so these behaviors have been building.

Does anyone see Juice as the final killing machine for the entire club? He is not playing with a full deck on an emotional level. Do you think Juice’s final act of good would be to destroy Jax, Gemma and the club then do himself in? This could be the ultimate act of doing good in Juice's head. Depending upon what he sees in the next season, he may think its time for getting all these evil folks off the face of the earth.

There’s not too many redeemable qualities left in Jax or Gemma, neither one appear to have any problems with guilt when it comes to pulling a trigger or in Gemma’s case, splitting Tara’s skull. Maybe Juice will stay in the background for the first part of the season and fester with his thoughts while working up to his grand finale’ of ridding the earth of this handful of evil-doers?

There are so many different ways that Juice could go, especially after the writers of the show did a good job of showing him as an unstable guy. He might see Gemma as a mother figure more so than ever before now that he carries her secret. He may like the idea of being part of her family as well as having his brothers in the club. He might enlist Gemma to make him shine in Jax's eyes, who has kept a watchful eye on his unstable moods.

What about Jax, would he kill mommy dearest if he were to ever find out that she killed Tara? Probably not. Gemma has a way with her only son, she somehow is able to rationalize her actions to Jax and while he gets mad, he gets over it. Besides, Tara pulling that fake miscarriage on Gemma was a nasty deed done to his mother. He might understand her built up anger toward Tara and use some of Gemma's rationalizing tactics on himself. He could go the other way if he realizes Gemma's part in his father's death was more than he realizes.

Unless they have some miraculous turn around for Wendy, she has about outlived her usefulness on the show. Raising two kids was never in the cards for her even when Tara desperately wanted to believe that Wendy could do it if she went to jail, it just didn’t feel right.

To make the show interesting Jax has to get a new old lady that’s a stranger to the viewers. The show needs to mold someone that not only has the street smarts that Gemma possesses, but she has to have the intellect that soars above Gemma’s capabilities.

This new old lady needs to have a voice in Jax’s life, not someone who sits back and asks very little questions. This is something Tara was often guilty of, which was often surprising. She lived a type of don’t ask, don’t tell life with Jax as his club got more involved in bloodshed.

Will Nero back away from Gemma? Some of the spoilers suggest that he not only backs away from Gemma, but he finds himself on the opposite side of a war with SAMCRO. A lot will ride on Juice this new and final season, he holds the key to the relationship between a mother and a son. Gemma and Jax’s station in life is going to depend on what Juice does with that information, which does give his character an awful lot of power on season 7.

While “Sons of Anarchy” is coming to an end, this is one show that probably won’t wind down with a happy ending. Season 7 is due to pickup timeline wise a few weeks after Tara was killed, so this is still fresh in everyone's mind.

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