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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Jax and Gemma's suffocating mother-son dance to end?

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7: Jax and Gemma's showdown season?
"Sons of Anarchy" season 7: Jax and Gemma's showdown season?
"Sons of Anarchy" FX

Sons of Anarchy” opens season 7 with Jax raging from his wife’s death and with Gemma living in angst for fear of being discovered as the brutal killer of Tara. The final season for "Sons of Anarchy" will go out in a way that only the mind of creator Kurt Sutter can conjure up. Most would expect that he'll wrap up this bloody and violent venue the way he introduced it to the fans. That would be by creating scenes that caused jaws to drop across the nation.

The Latin Post suggests on Jan. 22, that if the DA pins Tara’s killing on Jax, it is likely this would be resolved early on in the season. This stands to reason because the last thing anyone would expect Sutter to do is turn the final season of “Son’s” into a courtroom drama.

Sutter has let the viewers see many sides of Jax, so the hard-core “Sons of Anarchy” fans know the full spectrum of emotions he is capable of demonstrating. What Sutter will pull out of his hat for Jax to tow this rage around with him should be another jaw dropping experience.

Tara kept Jax grounded to the point that no matter what blood and guts got spilled during his day’s work, he’d could come home to his loving surgeon wife. She gave him that shot of normal he so desperately needed.

Sometime in this final season Jax has to find out how his mother, who is the epitome of a sociopath, violently killed Tara. Again, he was not only the love of his life, but the woman who gave him a taste of life he could only once dream of. Will this mother-son dance finally end with one snuffed out in the final season after Jax learns the truth?

Let’s face it, Jax has no illusions of Gemma being a “Leave it to Beaver” kind of mom, he is fully aware of the different dimensions to her persona. She was married to the man who killed Jax's biological father and then she let raise Jax like his own son.

That man was Clay Morrow. Now skip ahead about 30 years from the time she hooked up with this guy, she watches as her son puts a bullet in his head. You get a glimpse of sadness from Gemma as she watches Clay die, but it is fleeting and forgotten within minutes.

This scene is nothing more than a family function for Gemma and Jax, she has not given him any stability in life. She’s infiltrated his life and messed it up through the years, but he always finds a way to forgive her.

When he does find out that Gemma killed Tara, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine Jax taking her out. After all, this is the family code that Jax has been taught since he was a kid.

You don’t go against the family, you don’t rat and old ladies and kids are off limits, with these rules Jax could rationalize killing his mother when he finds out she’s killed the love of his life.

Jax has to have an old lady for season 7. This woman needs to be someone that Sutter can use to show a different side of Jax, like he did with Tara’s role. Maybe this time Sutter will conjure up an old lady for Jax that brings out the other side of Jax, one that is raw and cold blooded.

If Sutter was to create an old lady for Jax that is a total threat to Gemma, this would make for some good TV watching. Can you imagine a woman who could walk all over Gemma and beat her to every punch, while still keeping Jax’s affection solid and in her pocket?

This is not something Wendy can do, unless Sutter gives her a complete overhaul. With Drea de Matteo signed on as a regular cast member many are thinking Wendy will be Jax’s rebound. Unless Drea comes back as an evil twin of Wendy’s, it’s hard to imagine Wendy adding any entertainment value to the show as Jax's old lady. As Tara said to Wendy, “you’re weak,” which was probably the last interaction the two women had with each other before Tara’s death.

Sutter has a blank canvas to start with for the final season. He can kill off any of the characters because this is the end. He can change Jax and Gemma into people you’ve basically not seen before because this is the final wrap. Somehow fans of the show just know that the boys of SAMCRO and Gemma will go out in some type of bizarre and twisted blaze of glory.

“Sons of Anarchy” is without a doubt one of the best shows to ever grace the little screen. It’s right up there with HBO’s “Sopranos” when it comes to opening a window to a lifestyle only one could imagine before. Biker’s have commented in past seasons just how close to reality Sutter has created this show. The new and last season of “Sons of Anarchy” will begin filming in May for a fall of 2014 premiere.

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