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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Gemma and Juice make strange bedfellows

'Sons of Anarchy' Mother and son: Will Jax find out about his mother and how is this going to play out?
'Sons of Anarchy' Mother and son: Will Jax find out about his mother and how is this going to play out?
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Sons of Anarchy” comes back for its seventh and final season and Kurt Sutter, the series creator, is looking for a season to go past the traditional 13 episodes, as he is one guy with a long story to tell. According to Screen Crush on Feb. 2, when Sutter bumped up a few of the hour-long “Sons of Anarchy” episodes to 90 minutes in the last season some thought it did nothing more than add “bloat” to the storyline.

While some might have described the 90 minutes as overkill, the die-hard “Sons of Anarchy” fans took the extra 30 minutes as a bonus. When the SAMCRO brood comes back to the screen with season 7, the timeline will pick up just a few weeks after Tara’s death at the hands of her mother-in-law Gemma. As smart as Tara was, she continued to stand her ground with Gemma as if she had some kind of safety zone around her because she was married to Jax.

In the final episode in season 6 Gemma showed her true colors and while she did Tara in because she was under the impression that she gave Jax up to the DA, if Tara wasn’t so in her face about what she’s decided to do with the kids, she might be alive today.

Maybe didn’t realize the full potential of Jax’s mommy dearest, because she is one mother-in-law that most women would fear.

Gemma and Juice: Whether either of them like it or not, they have killed two people and covered it. Being the only two that know about this, the sick event that they have in common is most likely going to work at creating a bond between these two. They do make strange bedfellows, but will this last?

This bond just might be the clue that gives Jax the inkling that his mother had something to do with Tara’s death. It’s sad to say but if Gemma gets the idea that Juice’s demeanor is giving Jax food to ponder, no one would put it past her to do Juice in.

Juice knows Gemma killed Tara, he killed the sheriff to protect Gemma and keep her out of jail. While keeping the club members safe comes first, this is premise that Juice acted on. He wanted to protect the real old lady of the bunch. Juice has been in turmoil about not doing good in his life and Jax has been keeping an eye on him because he's been acting a bit depressed lately. Will this crime he did with Gemma put him over the edge?

When it comes to Jax, Gemma won’t let anyone come between the two of them. One of the things that fans are wondering about is Wendy’s place in “Sons of Anarchy” for the last season. Now that Drea de Matteo has come on cast as a regular for the last season, you can’t help wonder what purpose she’ll fulfill for the mother-son duo.

Will Gemma just use her as a babysitter, as Wayne told her, she’s just getting a little long in the tooth to raise kids. She’ll do better as a grandmother. Her life with Nero would totally change if she were to become the full time caretaker of the two little boys. Maybe Wendy is nothing more than Gemma’s answer to childcare?

Diosa Madame Collette is coming back for the final season, so she will probably end up as Jax’s first go-to-girl for a roll in the hay. Will it be too painful for him because Tara did walk in on the two of them before she died. Will he feel he’s betraying Tara again by going back to the house of ill repute’s ring leader?

If this was a final season of a “Brady Bunch”-like sitcom, the last episodes would tie everything up nicely. Gemma would walk down the aisle with Wayne, who professed his love for her in the last season. Juice would ride off into the sunset ready to tour South America with his new position with the Peace Corps. He always wanted to feel as if he were doing some good.

Jax would settle down with a woman who would welcome Gemma as her mother-in-law and she’d be a woman very happy to let Gemma run the show. But this isn’t the “Brady Bunch” and it’s probably the furthest thing from it.

So where will these characters journey to in the last season of “Sons of Anarchy?”

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