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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Writing updates and Tig's possible fate

Kim Coates and Charlie Hunnam star in "Sons of Anarchy"
Kim Coates and Charlie Hunnam star in "Sons of Anarchy"
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Even though it hasn't been that long since the season finale of "Sons of Anarchy," fans are having a difficult time waiting for the season 7 premiere, which will not be until fall 2014. However, Kurt Sutter keeps fans updated regularly on how things are going on his YouTube channel and even answers questions from viewers on Twitter. On March 23, Epoch Times posted information regarding Gemma, Jax, Tara and gave an update on the writing of the upcoming episodes. Actor Kim Coates also spoke about the possible fate of Tig.

Sutter is still working on writing the first episode of season 7, but the second episode is currently being written by Charles Murray and they are halfway through episode 3. The big arcs for the season have been pitched to the network and the show creator said that it went well.

As for what to expect in "SOA" season 7, Sutter said,

"I think it’ll be a satisfying conclusion for fans and I feel pretty good that it’s staying on point where I always sort of envisioned our character, our hero, what his final, perhaps final, days in Charming and in terms of at least one’s as an audience we would see.”

He also stated that they have a good idea of how everything is going to roll out, it's just a matter of writing to it.

Many television shows have no problem revealing spoilers and some even allow fans to know huge ones. "Sons of Anarchy" is one show that doesn't really do that and when spoilers do come out, they are usually just little bits of information. For fans that wonder why, Kurt explained,

“For me, especially last season, it’s how much do you, you don’t want to reveal the big pieces of the season too quickly, and yet you want it to be satisfying and compelling and drawing people in, so it’s always that balance of how much and when to unravel things.”

After the explosive and shocking season 6 finale, viewers are looking forward to what will happen with Jax and Gemma. On Twitter he said that he was writing a scene with the two characters. One fans said that they feel cheated that there will not be anymore scenes of Jax and Tara. In response to this, Sutter said that there would be several Tig and Tara scenes.

Actor Kim Coates spoke about the future of his character. According to the Herald Sun, he wasn't sure about Tig's fate in season 7 of "SOA." He said,

"Part of me wants to be the guy who has a smoke in one hand and my dog in the other that shut the club lights out with my nose."

He added,

"And part of me wants to go down in a hail of bullets."

Coates also said that there is a possibility that "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 would end with a lot of carnage.

For updates on "SOA," subscribe to Kurt Sutter's YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter.

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