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'Sons of Anarchy' season 6: Tara's life depends on a bloody bullet

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Sons of Anarchy” airs one of the final episodes of season 6 tonight, “You are My Sunshine.” This second to the last episode will start revealing where the story lines are going, especially with Tara and Jax. According to the Fansided on Dec. 3, Jax will see those secrets and sins come to light in the next two weeks as Season 6 takes its final bow.

A lot is going to depend on what Tara does with the bloody bullet she pulled from Bobby's neck. The bullet could be her ticket to freedom or the beginning of her demise. Once she hands it over to the DA her life is in danger, but if she doesn't she's stuck in a life that's no good for her boys.

What the fans have seen of Jax this season, it shouldn’t surprise many if he has Tara ousted after finding out she’s talking to the DA in exchange for the witness protection program for her and the boys. Jax, who appears loving and kind has some kind of switch that gets thrown when it comes to the club, they come first.

Gemma, who feels no love lost between her and Tara, was a bit vulnerable after seeing her son shoot her husband. Something just doesn’t seem right with Gemma when it comes to the Clay killing. She warmed up a bit to Tara in the car when Tara showed her some sympathy about Clay’s demise. Tara quickly turned cold and told Nero that Clay should have been killed a long time ago after all the things that he did.

A sick and dysfunctional family is the best way to describe the Jax, Tara and Gemma relationship. Maybe the only one true thing they have in common is their love for the boys or “her grand babies” as Gemma calls them. Will Jax kill Tara? He is bound to find out her secrets with the DA because he has feelers that spread right into the law.

Will Nero split on Gemma after he witnessed Jax take down Clay? He doesn’t want to walk on the side of trouble and Jax and the club are nothing less than trouble. Nero may be on the verge of giving Gemma the ultimatum of leaving this club life and going far away with him, which is something she just wouldn’t do because like Jax, the club comes first. She asked him to marry her and his comeback was right on target. He's seen what happens to her husbands and it isn't nice.

As Fansided reminds their readers “You are My Sunshine” is one sad song. The chorus goes:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

The writers will most likely have one of the main characters coming from this point of view in tonight’s episode. It sounds like it could be Tara, who may be afraid of losing the boys, or could it be Jax who is afraid of losing Tara and the boys?

Could it be Gemma coming from the point of view of the song as Nero has just about had it with the life the club’s awarded him so far. The Fansided thinks “You are My Sunshine” has something to do with Tara and Jax. The preview for tonight’s episode shows SAMCRO and the Chinese at odds, which was bound to happen after what happened to them at the hands of the Irish.

The Irish are not going to let SAMCRO alone now after Galen and his men were gunned down. While Jax took matters to the next level trying to get out of the guns with the Irish by killing Galen, there are a lot more Irish gangsters where he came from. The story he wants told to the Irish really doesn't hold much water.

Some folks suggest that Tara is going to pack up the boys and hit the road without working with the DA. That is not going to be easy with Jax having a body guard on her night and day. Will Bobby pull through after the wounds he got in the last episode? Fixing Bobby up might soften the hatred for Tara right now coming from Jax and Gemma. It looks like it got Jax thinking.

One thing for sure, Jax has made one mean enemy out of the DA after setting her up in the last episode. That was great, no one saw that coming. Jax just wanted the cops out of the way while he busted Clay out of the transport and then do him in along with the Irish big wigs.

In the preview for tonight’s episode the DA says if Tara runs with those kids she’ll be killed by the club, so it sounds as if the DA thinks Tara might be planning a mad dash. She did find out from her lawyer that because she pulled that fake miscarriage that this would discredit her in court and this could be used in court if she offers up information on Jax. Tara learns she’ll have to choose between her freedom and her boys and her lawyer doesn’t guarantee her either.

Tonight’s episode will lead into the season 6 finale for next week so expect some big changes in dynamics, but which way those changes will go is anyone’s guess.


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