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'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 finale: Will killing Tara be put to a SAMCRO vote?

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Sons of Anarchy” season 6 finale airs Tuesday night and there are many questions that folks are hoping will get answered before the show goes into hibernation for the winter. Most of the angst around the show hovers over Tara and Jax. The worry for fans goes beyond the couple’s relationship falling apart, concerns that Tara might be the next death for the good of the club is on the table.

EnStar suggests on Dec. 8 that Tara will most likely meet her demise after taking off with the kids. Either Jax will kill Tara for taking the boys or Gemma will step in if Jax finds he just can't kill Tara, suggests the website. Even if Jax decides against killing his wife, Gemma could take things into her own hands. As far as hunting her down with the boys, that won't be hard for the SAMCRO boys.

When last week’s episode, “You are My Sunshine,” closed Tara had taken the boys and run away from Charming. She didn’t follow through with her promise to the DA to help put the club away in return for the witness protection. Tara went on her own, but Jack doesn’t know this, he is under the impression she’s in the hands of the DA spilling all she knows about the club.

This is not just a Jax thing anymore. If Tara talks to the DA it is about the club. The club will need to vote on what to do about Tara, but they don't give passes to people that rat. People that threaten the demise of the club usually disappear or die in an accident, no matter who they are. Just look at what happened to Teller, Jax's father.

Tara changed her mind after being around the club while helping to nurse Bobby back to health. Jax told her he was sorry that being with him has put Tara in the position she is in today. Bobby told her “I love you Doc,” and she was treated like a beloved member of the SAMCRO family by all the members including Gemma.

This treatment seemed to have changed Tara’s mind. She decided to flee without bringing the club down in her wake. This way everyone would win, but the danger lies with Jax thinking she is still with the DA.

When the episode closed, Tara was lying in a motel room bed with her babies. Where she will go from here is not known. She could still be thinking over the DA’s offer and something could happen within the next episode that leaves her no other way out than to pull the club down with what she knows.

What is up with Gemma nursing Wendy back to health like she’s her long-lost kid? There was never any love lost between the two of them but all of the sudden Gemma has a need to care for Wendy? Is this for Nero's sake, to show him she has some redeemable qualities, like a little kindness?

Now that Juice told Nero that Jax ordered the hit on his friend and his girlfriend Nero can’t take this in his stride. He couldn’t confront Jax because at the time Jax had just found out that Tara and the boys were gone and that she is talking to the DA. His sorrow was so deep that instead of adding to his problems, Nero comforted Jax.

In some bizarre way it looks as if Gemma is still looking for a “daddy” for her Jax. She tells Jax that Nero loves him and in her own sick way she seems to be invested in nurturing a father-son-like relationship between the two.

Looking at it from Nero’s point of view, the mommy-son combo of Gemma and Jax can be deadly. Look at the way they just did Clay in. While Gemma had nothing to do with Clay getting shot, she still watched the deed get done through the window as her son pulled the trigger on her husband.

Clay’s body wasn’t cold when she asked Nero to marry her. He flat out said “no” because he has seen what happens to her husbands. Nero would be crazy to be legally tied to Gemma in marriage, he’s taking a risk with just sleeping with her, never mind becoming her husband. She’s more than trouble.

Juice, who cannot take the guilt that goes along with the deeds that the “Sons of Anarchy” find necessary, will more than likely be a casualty of the finale. This is the buzz online since he’s already talked too much to Nero, putting Jax at risk with Nero and his guys.

This is the second time he tried to kill himself and with Juice losing it, he is not rehab material. No one could trust him to keep the secrets of the club. It looks like Juice might have to go.

Wendy has lost her usefulness to the show, so her demise would rattle the show a bit, but it wouldn’t change a thing in the show’s plot or story line. Wendy periodically showing up to mess with drugs and Tara’s life has grown old, so the demise of Wendy looks like a safe bet if they show needs to stir things up with folks dying.

No matter what happens, fans are going to have a chance to get answers to any questions they might have once the finale is done. After the finale the “Sons of Anarchy” is going to do a post-finale show and they will provide a 1-800 number for fans to call in with their questions. According to the Fansider:

“The post-show is hosted by comedian Chris Franjola (Chelsea Lately) from the SOA set and will feature interviews with SOA creator/showrunner Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal (Gemma) and Maggie Siff (Tara). Also in the hour will be a look back at moments from the entire sixth season.”

Fansider also reports:

“Fans can also ask their own questions via a toll-free call-in number and the show’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.”

There’s bound to be some cliff-hangers to keep the fans interested until the next season rolls around, but it is nice to have a venue to get some answers. The post-show immediately follows the finale on Tuesday night Dec. 10. The “Sons of Anarchy” finale starts at 10 p.m. ET. on FX. Then and only then fans will have a better picture of the fate of Tara.


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