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‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Johnny Lewis: Baby mama says Lewis’s dad is cheating baby

‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Johnny Lewis: Baby mama says Lewis’s dad is cheating baby
Photo by Matt Carr/Getty Images

The young “Sons of Anarchyactor, Johnny Lewis, who died in 2012, left a daughter behind who is being cheated out of thousands of dollars by Lewis’s father, according to the baby’s mother, Dian Marshall-Green. On Jan. 30, TMZ reported that Marshall-Green is fighting the family in court for what is rightfully her daughter’s.

Lewis fell to death in September 2012 from his landlord’s roof after murdering the 81-year-old woman and dismembering her cat.

His daughter’s mother has filed court papers requesting that Johnny’s dad, Michael, be removed as administrator of the estate. Culla Mae is now 3 years old and Michael refuses to acknowledge her as his son’s daughter and heir in spite of a declaration of paternity that Johnny signed.

Court documents reveal Lewis was worth about $41K at the time of his death and owed $37K in back child support. Marshall-Green says Michael has refused to pay what is owed or to acknowledge that Culla Mae has a right to the inheritance. She contends that if her daughter does receive what is owed, it will be placed in a trust for her.

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