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‘Sons of Anarchy’ promotion team keeping viewers interested and waiting

Kurt Sutter is the mind behind the hit tv show and even played a part. Who was he?
Wikimedia commons/ Gage Skidmore

If you are a fan of the hit television show, “Sons of Anarchy,” you know the season ended with a bone-chilling scene of Tara’s murder. We know that Gemma was the one to kill her, but in a brilliant twist by writer Kurt Sutter, it ended looking suspiciously like Jax could be the culprit.

Fans are waiting anxiously for the next and final season to see what is going to happen. They are speculating as to how it is going to go. Some say that Jax will be accused and that Gemma will step up and confess to save her son. Some say that Gemma will flee with Nero and let Jax take the wrap so that she can get Jax’s sons.

It is all speculation and to try to figure out what is going on in Sutter’s head as he writes the final season is not an easy task. Did you see that murder scene coming? Not many did, so don’t feel left out. Sutter has a brilliant and devious mind for writing the scenes, almost akin to the sinister thinking of Stephen King.

The show’s promotion team has not allowed one minute to lapse since that final show before they began a series of posts on social media sites to keep the viewers interested and waiting. The show has its own Facebook page, as does Charlie Hunnam, who plays the part of Jax Teller, the clubs President.

The promoters of the “Sons of Anarchy” continue to post video clips or short one liner questions to keep viewers interested and waiting for the show to return. The latest in the line of promos is a photo of Wendy and they are hinting that Wendy will play a much bigger role in the final season.

That hint alone has fans speculating and the comment thread goes into the hundreds of responses as fans talk about the likely scenario that Sutter will come up with. Will Wendy and Jax get back together now that Tara is out of the picture? Will Jax go to prison, leaving an opening for Wendy to get custody of the boys?

Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma, is married to Sutter, so it stands to reason that she will stay on the show. Just what will her role be this next season and how much more evil and devious can Sutter make her? Speculation and ideas are running all over social media, but viewers will have to wait until the final season airs to find out if they are even close to being right.

If you are a fan of “Sons of Anarchy” you probably have your own thoughts on where Kurt Sutter is headed for the final season. You may have even stated your thoughts on a number of the social media posts going around. One thing is for sure, the promoters are not going to let you sit idle. They will continue to keep the fans interested and waiting.

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