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‘Sons of Anarchy’ prequel: Is it still a go?

‘Sons of Anarchy’ prequel: Is it still a go?
‘Sons of Anarchy’ prequel: Is it still a go?
Photo by Dominic Pagone/Twitter

We first started hearing about a potential “Sons of Anarchy” prequel back in 2012 but since then, information about the project has been almost nonexistent. On Tuesday, the AV Club posted that the show may still be a viable project.

During the TCA press tour, ‘Sons’ creator Kurt Sutter spoke to reporters about the status of the project, something he doesn’t see as a five-season type of show. "If I do the prequel, it will probably be a one-off," Sutter said. "I don't think it's a full blown five-season series."

Instead, he suggested the show would serve its purpose as 10-episode miniseries according to Moviefone. In earlier reports, the prequel was said to be about Jax’s father and the original members of the “Sons of Anarchy.” It might offer insight into how Jax’s father planned to take the club legit and how he was killed for his efforts.

The current and final season of “Sons of Anarchy” is currently in production. Sutter has “always had a sense of where” he wanted to take the show and what needed to happen specifically. He explained during the interview at TCA that the journey to take it there is still unfolding and he isn’t entirely sure how it is going to end at this point.

The series will pick up 10 days after Tara’s brutal murder. Jax will start out in prison for her murder but he won’t be there for long. Then he’ll be a man on a mission to find out who killed his wife.. It’s not likely that we’ll see Tara in the seventh season as Sutter has previously said, ‘Sons’ doesn’t “really do flashbacks.”

Season 7 of "Sons of Anarchy" premieres on September 9 on FX. The season premiere and finale will be followed by a live panel show, called "Anarchy Afterword."