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Marilyn Manson snags 'Sons of Anarchy' role with touch of evil: Doing it for dad

Marilyn Manson joins "Sons of Anarchy" for a reoccuring role in the show's final season.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"Sons of Anarchy" signed on Marilyn Manson to play Ron Tully in a reoccurring role for the show's final season. Mason's character is a white supremacist who is described as a "prison shot-caller" and Jax pulls him into the club's web to expand his "power base," according to Entertainment Weekly on May 29.

What does this say about the direction that Jax will be going in for the final season? The season will open up with a timeline that starts just a few weeks after fans saw Jax sitting on the kitchen floor wailing with his dead wife in his hands. With only a few weeks gone by since Tara's horrific death, Jax is raw.

While the president of SAMCRO entails doing some less than stellar activities, Jax once had a line that he wouldn't cross when it came to right or wrong. Now that the love of his life has been brutally murdered, that line might be changing especially if Jax is now rubbing elbows with Mason's character.

Marilyn Manson considers "Sons of Anarchy" one of the finest shows to ever air on TV. His father is also a very big fan of the show, so not only will Manson get his dream fulfilled by being part of what he considers "the most amazing piece of television cinema," but he will aim at making his dad proud.

Manson is already a "lightening rod" for controversy, claims The New York Daily News. His name, as well as his band members names, are concocted out of half glamor queen and half serial killer names. Marilyn for Marilyn Monroe and Manson, is for one of the most notorious serial killers of modern times, Charles Manson.

This rocker's bad-boy routine on stage has gotten him into trouble in the past. In 2001 he faced felony charges after he allegedly rubbed his genitals on the head of a security guard at one of his concerts. He has been focusing on acting over the last few years and it looks as though he landed a top spot with "Sons of Anarchy."

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