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‘Sons of Anarchy’: Glenn Plummer refuses to move out during divorce

(L-R) Tobin Bell, Lyriq Bent, Donnie Wahlberg and Glenn Plummer
(L-R) Tobin Bell, Lyriq Bent, Donnie Wahlberg and Glenn Plummer
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Glenn Plummer is refusing to leave the home he shares with his wife while they are in the process of getting a divorce. TMZ reports on Saturday that the “Sons of Anarchy” actor has a deal with his wife DeMonica Santiago-Plummer. He will be allowed to live in the home without paying rent or child support for several months, but he will eventually have to find another place.

The divorce may be final, but the neighbors will probably stay confused as they see Plummer continuing to live with his family in the same house. Both parties agreed to the unusual arrangement that technically names his wife as the owner of the home but allows the actor to stay. Plummer plans to move out after January, and his wife wants him to begin paying child support in a few months.

The financial agreement between Plummer and his wife has created a rumor that he is having money problems at the moment and cannot afford to move out or support his family. His wife initially wanted full-custody of their children, but she seems to be willing to wait for the child support to arrive. The divorce has already dragged on for more than a year with a final agreement that may create the need to return to court in the future.

DeMonica’s Twitter account claims she is happy and simply needs to smile more while the singer is working on her music again. She was once part of the group The Good Girls, but she has branched out on her own in recent years. She is back in the studio with others, but she has also been promoting various products as an income source. Since her husband will not be making payments for several months, some fans have suggested she may need to increase her activity.