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'Sons of Anarchy' final season teaser: Eerie ghost rider shines light on hints?

"Sons of Anarchy" released their final season's teaser trailer and it appears to suggest death. A Harley riding along a desolate highway in the dark offers an eerie scene without a rider. This looks like a depiction of a ghost rider whose bright headlight shines on things along the roadside, which may be hints of things to come, suggests Entertainment Weekly on July 19.

"Sons of Anarchy" the final season: Eerie teaser trailer suggests death?
FX Sons of Anarchy promo

The ghost rider's headlight gives you a glimpse of a cross along the side of a road, but it is a quick glimpse so you have to concentrate on the trailer to catch it. You can see this in the video above. You might want to check it out a couple of times to take it all in and catch what appears to be hints planted along the landscape that this rider-less bike flies by.

With the "Sons of Anarchy" in their final season, there's no telling where Kurt Sutter is going to take this show. The New York Daily News reports that a little more is known today about Marilyn Mason's character on "SOA."

Manson is playing Ron Tully, a white supremacist, who forms an alliance with Jax while the two of them are behind bars. The other controversial name joining "Sons of Anarchy" for the final season is Courtney Love, who will play one of Jax's kids' preschool teachers. That seems like a stretch for the normally off-the-wall Love. She would make a great president of an all-girls biker club, but a preschool teacher?

"Sons" has not released anything about how Courtney Love will play that role, so it could be interesting. Is she a wild lady who develops a crush on Jax? Does she surprise all the fans of "SOA" and play an old-fashioned school teacher? Somehow you just know that she has to show her wild side on this show, which is a place perfect to spotlight her somewhat crazy antics that she's demonstrated in real-life in the past.

Entertainment Weekly suggests when you watch the video, seen above, look for some of the hints, like the cross that appears along the side of the highway at the :02 mark of the video. They wonder if the cross is a sign of death to come or is it a symbol of death from the past?

They also suggest it may have something to do with John Teller and Jax finding out the truth about his father. It could be that the empty motorcycle flying down the highway represents the ghost of John Teller and this is a glimpse of things to come with Teller's ghost driving the vehicle of the story line. Will the truth behind John Teller and Gemma's part in his death drive the final season of "Sons?"

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