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'Sons of Anarchy' final season Sept 9: Timeline only 10 days after Tara's death

"Sons of Anarchy" roll back into the nation's living rooms with their final season on Sept. 9 with a one hour and 45 minute "super-sized" episode!
"Sons of Anarchy" roll back into the nation's living rooms with their final season on Sept. 9 with a one hour and 45 minute "super-sized" episode!
FX Sons of Anarchy promo

'Sons of Anarchy' will launch its final season on September 9, that is the official word coming from the FX show today. The season premiere will be followed by "Anarchy Afterword," this is debuting for the final season and it will air after two episodes. The after show will air after the season opener and after the very last episode of the show, according to the New York Daily News on July 17.

"Chelsea Lately's" Chris Frangjola will host the "Sons of Anarchy" after show, "Anarchy Afterword." The premiere episode of the last season opens to Jax 10 days after the death of his wife Tara. Fans remember that horrendous scene with Jax holding Tara's bloody and lifeless body while wailing on the kitchen floor at his house.

According to the Hollywood Reporter today, the season opener is a "super-sized" episode that will run an hour and 45 minutes. The "Anarchy Afterword" show will also stream additional live episodes on FXNow on three additional occasions during the final season of "Sons of Anarchy."

Tara died at the hands of Gemma, Jax mother, and it is apparent that he will find this out sometime during the final season. If history repeats itself in this show, bloodshed will be plentiful. Kurt Sutter creates this show using his theme, "actions have consequences," so this may mean Gemma will get hers. Not necessarily with the law, but within the "Sons of Anarchy" family.

While previous seasons have consisted of 13 episodes, the amount of episodes for the final season of "SOA" have not been announced yet. The spoilers today report that when the season opens, Jax is in jail on a parole violation and he is "grappling" with the loss of Tara. With the help of the club he starts on a merciless retribution quest.

With Gemma hiding her crime of killing Tara and Juice killing Sheriff Roosevelt to protect Gemma, the two have a lot in common this season. Jimmy Smits is still listed as cast with the SAMCRO boys, so he will probably continue that dance with Gemma.

Nero has seen too many things that he wants nothing to do with and it is because of the club that it keeps happening. He wants away from that life and it almost looked as if Gemma was leaning that way, but now with Tara gone, she'll grab onto those "grandbabies" of hers and not let them go.

It will be interesting to see just how much more Nero will put up with when it comes to loving Gemma. While Gemma has not shown much empathy in the past, will the death of Tara be different and will this eat at her to the point that she eventually tells Jax?

While it probably won't be for a while that Jax finds out the truth about Tara's death, it will probably be Juice that plants the seed in Jax's head that his dear mother killed his soul mate and the mother of his kids.

The SAMCRO boys will rumble back into the nation's living rooms in about a month and a half. Fans of this show are anticipating a final send-off of the series like no other. So who will live and who will die this season? That is anybody's guess when it comes to the "Sons of Anarchy!"

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