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‘Sons of Anarchy’ films in Hollywood; Annabeth Gish, Marilyn Manson new to cast

Annabeth Gish joins Sons of Anarchy
Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images

The fans of “Sons of Anarchy” are seeing their favorite get ready ready for the new season. After news of Marilyn Manson being added, the latest big name connected to the cast is Annabeth Gish. The popular actress has viewers giddy with delight as she grabbed a recurring role, as an edgy new sheriff by the name of Althea Jarry. According to United Press International on Friday, the actress plays an experienced law enforcement officer who is brought on to solve the murders of former Sheriff Eli Roosevelt.

Fans were already excited hearing that Marilyn Manson would be added to the cast. The talented artist will be in more than one episode as he brings the show a new character. According to Time Magazine on Friday, the musician plays Ron Tully, a powerful white supremacist who aligns with Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller.

So with the new cast decided, what happens next? The fans are wondering how far along the show is to actually start filming. As the final contracts are now in place, the show has got the cameras rolling. On Location Vacations is reporting on Friday that the show is using several locations in Hollywood for filming the first episodes of the season. Fans were encouraged to watch around town for the bikes and the stars as they slip into character and hit the streets of the Los Angeles area. It sounds like the show is focused on production and already have several stories ready for the actors.

The final season of “Sons of Anarchy” had many people wondering what to expect. Apparently the executives for the show wanted to have a strong ending to the popular show and to make it happen they brought in some great entertainers. Now all that the viewers of “Sons of Anarchy” need to do is sit back and wait until the season begins later this year.

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