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Sonora, Calif. third graders busted for smoking pot in school bathroom

Tuolumne County Court House, Sonora, California
Tuolumne County Court House, Sonora, California
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Fox40 News reported on Wednesday that three Third-graders, ages eight to nine-years old were taken into police custody on February 27, 2014 for possession of marijuana. They were later released to their parents.

Police were called to Sonora Elementary School on Feb. 27, after a student who had gone into the "Boys" bathroom saw three students smoking pot. The student left and immediately went and told a teacher what he had seen.

“Shocked. To be in third grade and have their own pipe,” parent Linda Rodriguez said Tuesday. “I think they should be expelled, but I also think they should follow it further to where they found (the marijuana)."

It is unclear what sort of disciplinary measures were taken, although several students say the children have not been back to school. Sonora Elementary School Principal Chris Boyles refused to comment on the case, but said the school follows California’s Education Code which says students may be suspended or possibly expelled.

Sonora is very close to this examiner's heart because Sonora is where she went to high school in the early 1960's. At that time, the worst infraction of the rules students got into trouble for was going off-campus for lunch.

Sonora, with a population of slightly over 4,200 people, is located in the heart of California's "Gold Country." It is the only incorporated city in Tuolumne County, along State Route 49. A beautiful, pristine city in the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sonora was once known as "Queen of the Southern Mines."

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