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Sonoma County Sheriff's helicopter rescues Labrador stuck on high cliff

A black and white, 60-pound Labrador retriever was safely rescued from a 90-foot high cliff on Saturday afternoon by helicopter Henry-1 and a sheriff near Portugese Beach in Sonoma County reported the Press Democrat.

A curious black and white Lab owes her rescue to a sheriff and a helicopter.
Friends of Henry 1

In the early afternoon, authorities received a 911 call from the dog's owner; the dog had somehow found her way down the cliff, but at 40 feet into her descent panicked and didn't know what to do. No matter how much coaxing to climb back, the dog named Oreo wasn't having any part of moving.

And just more proof into what animal lovers will do to rescue one of our four-legged friends, arrived Deputy Sheriff Henri Boustany, who bravely attached himself to a life rope and flew by helicopter to the spot where Oreo waited.

Not knowing how the dog would react in such a frightful situation, the deputy brought a towel with him to place over Oreo's face, just in case she decided to take a bite out of her rescuer because she was so scared.

But just like Winnie the Pooh always says, "All's well that ends well." Deputy Boustany plucked Oreo up by her harness, carried her for the next three minutes in a "sheriff to Lab dog hug," and arrived safely with no worse the wear for either one.

“The dog and I got to know each other real quick,” Boustany said. “I think the dog just wanted to be out of there.”

Many thanks to another great hero for the animals - Deputy Sheriff Henri Boustany.

Make sure you watch the video.

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