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Sonnie Johnson: Obama thinks "God must be dethroned"

On February 27th, 2014, the Tea Party held a fifth anniversary convention, at which Breitbart News author Sonnie Johnson received a standing ovation for a speech at which she not only insisted that President Obama is a Marxist, but discarded all illusions of the Tea Party being libertarian by accusing him of wanting God "dethroned."

Sonnie Johnson
Fox News

"Karl Marx had two main goals: to destroy capitalism and to dethrone God," said Johnson. "So when you hear the leader of progressivism, aka American Marxism, say that you are doing 'God’s work,' understand he means it. He means you’re taking over God’s work. God must be dethroned."

Actually, Marx had wanted neither. Marx had been critical of the wealthy elite and the institutions that supported them, including the Church, but it is stretching the definition to even call Marxism a political philosophy in general (Marx's observations were of factories, not countries).

Johnson's real problem with Obama is that, while he has actually consistently gone out of his way to accommodate religious beliefs, he has not taken any steps towards the establishment of an American theocracy.

"If God is in all of these things," she continued, in reference to government services, "why are the Ten Commandments not allowed in the social services building? If God is in all of these things, why is there even a question if Little Sisters of the Poor have to pay for abortion? If God is in all of these things, do we have to ask him where he stands on marriage?"

Johnson should already know the answer to all of these questions. The answers just happen to be too inconvenient for her to openly acknowledge.

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