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Sonic Drive-In serves bag of marijuana with food to mother and kids

Sonic Drive-In
Sonic Drive-In

At a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Frederick, Maryland, a woman claims she was given a bag of marijuana with her order at the fast-food chain facility, according to the Huffington Post on Sunday. The woman, Carla McFarland, asserts that she found a little plastic baggie with what appears to be marijuana in a container along with her French fries that she purchased last Wednesday at the Frederick eaterie. Following the incident, McFarland reportedly complained to the manager and called police about what she had found.

In response to the incident being reported, the manager told the woman that one of their employees had been fired over the incident. The manager said that the bag must have slipped from a female worker’s apron into the container that McFarland had received. John Louderback, the owner of the now-embarrassed restaurant chain’s franchise, confirmed that the employee who committed the error no long is employed at that drive-in restaurant.

The incident is being investigated by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. There is no word as to what could happen to the employee or the franchise. As far as McFarland is concerned, the matter is not funny at all. She said her two young children were in the car when all of this went down. She also said that her children were within reach of the bag that contained the marijuana which could led to extremely negative results for her children.

Specifically, the Frederick News-Post reported that McFarland, 35, visited the Sonic drive-thru restaurant on Guilford Drive in Frederick. She had her six-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son in her vehicle with her when the marijuana was brought to her car. In detail, McFarland said that she took chicken strips and fries out of the Sonic container and passed them to her children. When she then reached into the container for her own food, she found the small plastic bag with marijuana in a third container which held her serving of French fries. She expressed concern that the package of weed could have been in her kids’ fries and they could have eaten it. Sonic Corporation is a based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.