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‘Sonic Boom’ will feature optional four-player modes, says Big Red Button

Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom
Photo courtesy of SEGA, used with permission

In addition to redesigning the Sonic and his supporting cast, Sonic Boom will also introduce new gameplay elements that focus on features that are new to the franchise such as combat, exploring large maps, and coopertative multiplayer. In addition to the ability to experience the game’s entire story campaign with three other co-op partners, Big Red Button CEO and Sonic Boom Creative Director Bob Rafei revealed in an Examiner exclusive that Sonic Boom will also feature numerous optional four-player game modes that can be accessed from centralized hubs found throughout the title.

The optional co-op modes are independent of the game’s main story and exist solely to provide additional opportunities for fans to experience more cooperative multiplayer fun. However, Rafei confirmed that these co-op sessions will be separated from the rest of the game and are completely optional so players who don’t wish to play alongside others will never be forced to do so.

In Sonic Boom, the iconic hedgehog is joined by several of his famous friends who will all be playable within the title’s cooperative play. Furthermore, each character has their own unique playstyle as a result of their individual strengths and weaknesses. One of the themes presented in Sonic Boom is that the game’s various heroes work together as a team. Wanting to make sure this idea is translated regardless of how gamers choose to play the game, Big Red Button decided to make sure that players are never alone.

So, while the game is definitely designed around allowing fans to collaborate in co-op multiplayer, those who would rather simply play the game alone will still be surround by Sonic’s teammates even in single-player mode. This will help players still feel like they belong to part of the game’s ensemble team even if they don’t choose to play the game’s optional multiplayer.

Sonic Boom will rebrand the popular SEGA franchise later this year with separate releases for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The new series will also receive a new CG animated TV show from Cartoon Network that will act as a prequel to the video games.