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‘Sonic Boom’ TV series will act as a prequel to the game itself, says SEGA

Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom
Photo courtesy of SEGA, used with permission

With the upcoming rebranding of one of gaming’s most famous franchises, SEGA is tying together the universe of Sonic Boom across several forms of entertainment media. In addition to the Nintendo exclusive games heading to the Wii U and 3DS later this year, the iconic hedgehog is also getting a new CG animated show on Cartoon Network that will be connected to the video games and expand upon their stories. Speaking exclusively to Examiner, Senior Director of Marketing for SEGA of America Marcella Churchill confirmed that the TV series will serve as a prequel to the games.

While each installment of the Sonic Boom franchise will be set inside the same universe, each format will look at a specific part of the franchise’s plot. This means that fans will be treated to a different story from each aspect of the connected series. As such, both the Wii U and 3DS titles will actually feature independent stories instead of being different ports of the same game while the Cartoon Network show will focus on the events that will lead up to the timeline of both games.

To make sure that each part of the Sonic Boom universe properly connects to one another, SEGA made sure from the beginning that both game development teams worked alongside the TV show creators in an effort to coordinate their efforts so that the new Sonic IP features a consistent style across all mediums. Throughout the process, all three teams would regularly get together in order to see that they were remaining on track to creating a shared universe.

The Sonic Boom franchise will release across several forms of media later this year. The series will have a Wii U installment developed by Big Red Button while Sanzaru Games is handling the creation of the Nintendo 3DS Sonic Boom title. Also launching this fall will be a new CG animated Cartoon Network show of the same name.