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Songwriters in the Round Hosted by Jenna Longmire Hotel Indigo

Jenna Longmire
Jenna Longmire
Jenna Longmire

Songwriters those original thinkers and creators were in full force at Hotel Indigo with 3 Lovely Talented Ladies. Jenna Longmire hosted with Fran Jackson and  Kajsa Vala.

The sets started with Jenna on guitar with a song titled " I Can't Save Myself". Jenna's vibe is alluring with a bit of growl low sassy edged with Blues Jazzy lots of vibrato. Jenna has an earthy edge nice straightforward lyrics with her ability to accompany herself on guitar and piano.

Jenna plays regularly around Nashville at the eclectic and fashionable spots including Hotel Indigo, Mad Donna's and has a website on my

Fran Jackson hails from Alabama. She has an authentic blues feeling emoting and elusive feel to her vocals. Fran accompanied herself with guitar with a slap rhythm style starting with a song called " Chained." There's an ability to hit the higher notes then fade them out with that bit of edge that makes her stand out.. 

Fran is also a part of a duo called Bedhed and Blondy so she gigs as a solo artist and part of a duo. Her my spaces are: and

Kajsa Vala is from Denmark. She has a pensive ache in her voice that has an ethereal quality that draws the listener to the heart of the performance. Kajsa sang a song which was more then true" Long Way from Home."  Her style is indie sweet. She has an album coming out soon.

The American influences are definitely present in her music but there's also a pure upper sweet ache that draws in the audience. Kajsa has a my space

The hotel indigo offers writers night and music most every night its a great intimate venue.