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Songwriter & vocalist Carmen Calhoun brings the “i am” experience to Baltimore

Carmen Calhoun's "i am experience" comes to Baltimore
Carmen Calhoun

And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. Exodus 3:14 (KJV)

Award winning songwriter and recording artist Carmen Calhoun brings the “i am” experience to the Baltimore area along with a musical message inspired by the GREAT I Am. The artist whose newly released music project entitled “i am” is definitely more than just another CD, but rather an “experience” that you’ll want to enjoy live through one of several scheduled Carmen Calhoun Unplugged performances appropriately called “the i am experience.”

On Saturday, March 16th the vocalist will make a special appearance at the River of Life Christian Center in Baltimore (5225 Hamilton Avenue.) The Baltimore Christian Living Examiner caught up with the busy artist who is definitely in demand. Making appearances all over the tri-state area, Calhoun has plans to carry the “i am” experience to the north, east, south, west and in her own words, “wherever ‘i am’ has an open door for me to walk through!” We got in three quick questions that answer just enough for you to find out what the experience is all about! In-joy!

JT: What is the ‘i am” experience?

CC: [It is] about who I am in Christ, me/we/us growing in the Tree of Life-Jesus (the GREAT I Am) to bring forth fruit. My past, my NOW and my future! The "i am" experience is about agreeing with God in who He says "i am" even when my behavior contradicts what He says. The "i am" experience is about the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful of me/we/us in Christ. The Holy Spirit influenced this project!

JT: What/who inspired this project?

CC: I remember when Daddy stated to me that He is NOT some narcissistic God in Heaven needing His children to stop and give Him all these praise breaks! God said I know who I Am! Read John 17:4! Daddy stated that Bill Gates did NOT create Microsoft with a program to stop and give him praise breaks! Worthy is Bill Gates! Glory to Bill Gates! No No No a hundred times NO! Bill Gates received glory and honor once Microsoft successfully accomplished what it was designed and created to do. Daddy said it’s good for all people to be thankful and to follow the example set before you in John 17:4! You bring me glory Carmen, by simply doing the assignment I set before you. It requires a relationship and an ear to hear. If the Holy Spirit says to clean the toilets at IHOP, clean the toilet! If He instructs you to pay for someone's meal in the car behind you in the drive thru line, do that! I am the righteousness of God in Christ! I am Holy, I am healed! I am Smart!

I am...

JT: How can we connect with you to purchase your new CD “i am” and/or to bring the “I am experience" to other venues/churches in the Baltimore area?

CC: You can connect with me via twitter/carmencalhoun1,Facebook/carmencalhoun and via my website

Thank you Carmen for taking the time to speak with the Baltimore Christian Living Examiner and thank YOU readers for supporting all of the authors, artists, businesses and ministries that are featured in this column. Book your “i am” experience with Carmen Calhoun TODAY or check or website to see when Carmen will be bringing the "experience" to an venue near you!

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