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Songwriter/Singer Mark Lanier performs in Mesquite, Texas


On April 18, 2010, Mark began his schedule for this year at the Gethsemane Baptist Church of Mesquite, Texas.  As always, when Mark is performing solo, he made the congregation and guests feel as if he was sharing his innermost feelings about his faith directly with each individual.

Mark’s deep mellow baritone voice lends itself well to the Phil Cross and Twila LaBar song, The Great I AM Still Is.  This was how he started the program.  The audience was automatically taken to the very throne of God and His majesty.

Sunday’s performance was not just one song following another.  As Mark Lanier moved from one to the other, it was a smooth discussion of his relationship with life, ministry, and God. 

A very unique part of the program that morning came from Mark seated at the keyboard moving from song to song as he gave his testimony of how God blesses, Jesus saves, and his life is the sheet on which his music comes to life.

Mark Lanier is not just a tremendous performer.  He has a deep God given talent for song writing.  During his 25 years in Southern Gospel Music, his songs have been recorded by some of its most well known artists, such as James Blackwood, the Nelons, the Florida Boys, the Kingsmen, and others.

The day was memorable.  This writer came prepared to be entertained.  But, as Mark Lanier ended our service with one of his songs (All the Days That End In Why), it became obvious to all that his was a God given talent. 

For more information about where Mark Lanier can be seen this year, go to  You will be spiritually moved by his gifts.  You will also be glad in having met Mark Lanier.


  • Scott Knutson - Philly Mystical-Spirituality Exami 5 years ago

    He sounds like quite the singer/songwriter.

  • keith cook 3 years ago

    hey mark how have you been .i havent seen you in awhile we would love to see you back in paragould ar

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