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Songwriter of the week: Jenna Tague

Jenna Tague
Jenna Tague

Jenna Tague brings Hawaii a "Small Piece of Heaven" (Takin' a Train Home, Jenna Tague) through her autobiographical songwriting and dedication to creating a community of songwriters on the island of Oahu. Her music is a ray of southern sunshine welcomed in the mostly sunny-island-tune drenched town of Honolulu.

Tague's first guitar cost her two dollars, sold to her by her father, who is audibly an inspiration behind many of her songs along with her husband, Taylor, her faith, and her ability to see the beauty in life. Songs such as "Something More" and "Heart in the Kitchen" invite us into her world as she shares raw feelings sung sweetly with courage.

Fans of Natalie Merchant, Jewel and The Wreckers will definitely find that Tague's faith inspired folk EP "Takin' a Train Home" deserves a place within their music collection.

Tague has been performing regularly at Morning Brew for the Oahu Songwriters Group open mic which she coordinates every third Friday of the month. She also is a dedicated OSG member, sharing her music and collaborating with other songwriters.Tague is relocating to the mainland within the next few months, so time is running out to experience this talented performer live. You may contact her for future event details and listen to her music via myspace.

While Tague is taking a train home soon, her southern splash of sunshine will always brighten Oahu's indie music scene, no matter which kitchen her heart is in.