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Songwriter of the week: Jason Ho

Jason Ho
Jason Ho

The days of true Blue Hawaiian melodies and island steel guitar receive new life through Jason Ho's album Tropic Dreams. Ho's tunes transport you to a sandy Hawaiian beach, where you will find yourself lazily lying in a hammock, swaying with the balmy breeze beneath a palm tree as the lulling tide of the ocean sooths you to sleep.

Songs such as "Best Things on Maui", "Tropical Escape" and "Front Street Girl" will leave you living on island time, no matter where you are in the world. It is impossible not to sit back and relax while listening to "HappyTree" and "Sweet Summer Lady". All in all, this is an album which will take you to a place of "no worries", and island zen.

Ho's music is beyond diddies and trills, but an expression to soothe the soul  "... my goal is to share a positive feeling with people. Hopefully the music will soothe and heal them, as it has done for me."   Soothe your 'uhane (Hawaiian word for "soul"), listen now.

A definite recommendation for your dream soundtrack while on your dream island vacation. Hawaii is not in your summer plans? To hear and learn more about Jason Ho's music visit, iTunes and

Whether you're basking in Hawaiian sunshine, or dawning your parka in the freezing snow; Tropic Dreams is sure to bring island warmth and Hawaiian happiness to your day.