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Songwriter of the week: Ev Fox

Ev Fox
Ev Fox with Barefoot Bob

Ev Fox, songwriter and pillar of the local songwriter community, infuses Honolulu's music scene with a mixture of sounds ranging in country rock "Badlands", zesty pop "Little Piece of You", and even a pinch of bossa nova in "Too Hard To Say No". Fox can't be pigeonholed into one genre, he is the renaissance man of songwriting.

Fox's passion for songwriting has been kindled within him from the time he was a young man "... It started in 8th grade. This kinda punky 6th grade kid came over to our house one afternoon, picked up a guitar and started playing songs I had heard on the radio. I knew I wanted be like that. He was also in a band...damn, I really wanted to be like that." 

Four years ago, Fox attended the Kaui Music Festival where, along with four other songwriters, co-created what is known today as the "Oahu Songwriters Group". His aspirations to become a full fledged songwriter were ignited  and his skills have been on fire ever since.

From that moment on Fox has forged his own path in songwriting. Influenced by musicians such as Counting Crows, Phish, The Eagles, and even Seal, Fox's unique sound is sure to spread like wildfire in his future hometown of Nashville. That's right, Fox is making the move to Nashville, TN where he will pursue songwriting full-time and no doubt will find a hit song on the radio in no time.

His work has been featured on the local NPR radio station and the Miss Hawaii USA 2010 Pageant Official Short Video, to name a few.

Be sure to check out Ev Fox's performance schedule and music at his myspace.


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