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Songs for the first day of school

Summer is never long enough and after what has been the hottest summer on record for most of the country, it’s time to return to the daily routine of going to class. New friends, teachers and maybe even a new school. From grade school to college this playlist covers almost every subject and situation you may face during the school year.

White Blood Cells by The White Stripes includes the sentimental back to school song, 'We're Going To Be Friend.'
Third Man/V2

The ultimate back to school song, ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ by The White Stripes offers a sweet story of carefree innocence and new friendship at an age when teachers are still marking their student’s height on the wall as they grow. Among all the sage advice offered within these songs, perhaps the most timeless is the wisdom of David Bowie in ‘Kooks’ from his 1971 album, Hunky Dory:

“And if you ever have to go to school

Remember how they messed up

This old fool

Don’t pick fights with the bullies

Or the cads

‘Cause I’m not much cop at punching other people’s Dads

And if the homework brings you down

Then we’ll throw it on the fire

And take the car downtown”

Songs for the first day of school

We're Going To Be Friends - The White Stripes

Popular - Nada Surf

Cut Your Hair - Pavement

Kooks - David Bowie

Teacher Teacher - Rockpile

Test Anxiety - Toenut

Rock 'N' Roll High School - The Ramones

Failing And Leaving - Radish

School - Nirvana

Weird at My School - Pixies

Slow Down - The Jam

I Kicked A Boy - The Sundays

Playground Love - Air

School Supplies:

Paper - Talking Heads

The Eraser - Thom Yorke

Reading & Writing:

Unpack Your Adjectives - Daniel Johnston

Read It In Books - Echo & The Bunnymen

Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground

7 Chinese Brothers - REM


Stonehenge - Spinal Tap

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants

Spanish Bombs - The Clash


Minneapolis - that dog

Los Angeles - Frank Black

Portland - The Replacements

Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel


My Hero, Zero - The Lemonheads

4 Out Of 5 - Soul Coughing

2+2=5 - Radiohead

Let X=X - Laurie Anderson

Carry The Zero - Built To Spill

E = MC2 - Big Audio Dynamite

If 6 Was 9 - Tori Amos


Chemistry Class - Elvis Costello

Crystal Days - Echo & The Bunnymen

Lithium - Nirvana

Free Radicals - The Flaming Lips

Particle Man - They Might Be Giants

Music - songs with irregular time signatures:

How It Should Be (Sha Sha) - Ben Kweller

English Roundabout - XTC

The Wait - The Pretenders

Let Down - Radiohead

Blood Roses - Tori Amos


Artists Only - Talking Heads

Venus - Television

State Capitals:

Columbus - The Church

Olympia - Hole

By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds


Stars - Hum

Stars Are Stars - Echo & The Bunnymen

The Prettiest Star - David Bowie

Drama (specifically, High School drama):

My Boyfriend's Back - The Raveonettes

Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds Five

Everybody Loves Me But You - Juliana Hatfield

Rip Her to Shreds - Blondie


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