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Songs for Black Friday shoppers

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For many Americans, Black Friday has become an annual tradition. After a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, they take to the streets in the middle of the night to sit on the sidewalk outside their favorite store waiting for the doors to open. These brave bargain hunters will withstand the elements and the crowds for their chance to buy the latest toys and big ticket items at prices that are often below cost. It may not be the most profitable day of the year for retailers but it’s often the busiest.

Not everyone looks forward to Black Friday. It’s a tough day for those working in retail and many potential shoppers are content to sleep in until noon with the possibility of getting some shopping done online.

Black Friday shoppers, sleepers and sales clerks can all find solace in this collection of songs. It may even bring back memories of Black Fridays past or present.

Songs for Black Friday shoppers:

  1. Steely Dan - Black Friday
  2. Queen - Sleeping On The Sidewalk
  3. James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing!
  4. Aerosmith - Line Up
  5. The Kinks - Who’ll Be The Next In Line
  6. Radiohead - Packed Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box
  7. The Cure - Push
  8. Soul Asylum - Somebody To Shove
  9. Led Zeppelin - Trampled Underfoot
  10. The Who - Bargain
  11. The Smiths - Shoplifters Of The World Unite