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Song Spotlight: Due West -


Today’s song spotlight is “I Get That All The Time” by Due West.

Due West is a fairly new country trio. They have decent vocals and could make it in the country scene if all of their cards fall in the right place.

This song does start off a bit awkward, when a drug dealer walkis up to a man and offers something that will make him high. This would most likely not happen in real life, with only a few exceptions. However, I don’t think this song is so much about the details of what is happening, but more about the chorus, which speaks of the love of family.

“When I walk into my kitchen,
kids are screaming, dinner's burning,
and I'm reminded we've got PTA tonight.
When I'm kneeling down
and feeling all those little arms around me
and my wife has got the bedroom in her eyes,
Yeah, Buddy, when you get that kind of love,
it's the world best kind of drug,
and I get that all the time.”

All in all, this is a decent song and you will probably see it on the Country Top-40 soon. I don’t see it going to number 1, but it will definitely pave the road for Due West’s future.

Tell me what you think.