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'Song of the Sea' teaser released by Cartoon Saloon

Oscar nominated movie studio Cartoon Saloon has released the first teaser trailer for their animated feature film “Song of the Sea.” The fantasy film will be distributed by GKids in North America, and is expected to be released sometime in 2014.

Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon releases official teaser trailer for "Song of the Sea."
Cartoon Saloon

“Song of the Sea” tells the story of Irish siblings Ben and Saoirse, who lose their mother, Bronagh, under mysterious circumstances. After Bronagh disappears, the children are sent to live with their granny in the city, far from their home in a lighthouse by the sea.

On Halloween night, Ben and Saoirse set out to return to their former home. On their journey, they encounter fairy beings that they heard about in the folktales their mother told them. It turns out that the stories were real, and that Saoirse is the last selkie, fairies that live as seals in the water, and take human form on land. Ben and Saoirse embark on a quest to free the fairies that are trapped in the mundane world so they may return to Faerie.

“Song of the Sea” uses beautiful traditional animation, as do all projects by Cartoon Saloon. It’s a treat to be able to see traditionally animated movies in these times where computer animation is now the norm.

“Song of the Sea” is directed by Tomm Moore, and written by Will Collins. It stars: Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Lisa Hannigan, Jon Kenny, and Pat Shortt. "Song of the Sea" features a mystical score by composer Bruno Coulais.

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