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'Song of the New Earth': New film out about sound healer Tom Kenyon, Exceptional

There is a new documentary out on Tom Kenyon, the world renowned sound healer, called SONG OF THE NEW EARTH. I have had the privilege of seeing this film in Sedona, AZ now twice; and I can honestly say that it is one of the most profound films I have ever seen, especially about these changing times we are living in and the profound journey Mother Earth is going through with us at this time.

It was fortunate that this film came to Sedona a few weeks ago, but it only showed twice - at the Harkins Theater. This time, it came to the Mary Fisher Theater, and it's been showing six times. In fact, this afternoon's 4PM showing is the last one, at least this time around!

I believe I found this film so powerful because it speaks very truthfully about what our entire planet is going through at this time. And Tom is such an unusual healer and spiritual teacher that you come away not only knowing that you've been healed - and upgraded on some level - but also that the Earth is healing and that she will be healed! Along with each one of us, through this transformational process that we are all moving through.

If you have not seen any sign of this film in your area, please go to your local theater and ask for them to bring this exceptional film to your theater. The website is here; I'm sure you could mention that to your theater staff as well. Or, if you are part of a group and might host a screening of the film yourself, there is a place on the website where you can learn how you and your organization could do that.

Here are some words from the film's website - re this profound, mystical, spiritual film that heals, just through the viewing of it:

Song of the New Earth profiles the ardent quest of sound healer, psychotherapist and sonic shaman Tom Kenyon to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through the power of sound. His rare ability to brilliantly decipher the healing science of sound results in a mesmerizing and transformational documentary feature film.

As an aspiring country musician, Kenyon was on way to fame and fortune in Nashville when a series of mystical experiences rocked his world. Desperate to understand his experience, he fervently dove into the study of neurophysiology to explain his unexplainable spiritual insights and continued his search through studying Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Taoism, mystical Christianity, Shamanism, Egyptian alchemy, and more.

From his home in the San Juan Islands to Tibetan nunneries in the Himalayas, from cathedrals and mysterious caves in southern France to the golden-chandeliered symphony halls of Vienna, Song of the New Earth explores the cutting edge scientific research proving that sound shifts brain states and can promote dramatic healing not only for ourselves but for our precious planet earth. With his wife Judi, often by his side, Kenyon explains how sound vibration speaks to our souls and bodies by opening a door that bridges our cognitive thinking; catapulting us towards insights into the miraculous. A transcendent, celestial experience that transports viewers through Kenyon’s rare, divine gift.

From an award winning production team including Ward Serrill (The Heart of the Game, Miramax), editor Eric Frith (Eden), New York Times animator Drew Christie and Producer Betsy Chasse, (co-producer for What the Bleep Do We Know!?).

I truly hope that you will get to view this most magnificent and extraordinary film!

To our Health, Wealth, and steady, healing Awakening, Maria Dancing Heart~~~~

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