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Song of the Day: "Crankshaft" by Big Drops

Big Drops
Big Drops

If you're like me you might (still) be recovering from some pretty wild Cinco de Mayo festivities. While you set your coffee pot and pop a couple of alka seltzers, you should also take some time out to listen to some Big Drops.

With a sound reminiscent of Dr. Dog and a little Band of Horses, Big Drops is alternative country done right. Formed in 2012, Big Drops is made up of Greg Kherlopian, Sevag Styles, Adam Wall and Ileana Ordonez who play shows heavily in the NY/NJ area.

According to their Facebook, Big Drops 'came together after three failed attempts to join the circus. The secret plan is to make lots of cash-money (by selling out), buy their own circus, then rain down unmarked dollar bills on unsuspecting circus-going children.'

Let's hope they don't disappear and continue to make charmingly groovy tunes perfect for a Sunday afternoon picnic in a field surrounded by daisies and lots of free-trade coffee.

A Big Drops album is currently in the works. Keep up with the band through Facebook and Soundcloud.