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Son Volt at the Majestic

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Son Volt is the band opposite of Wilco that was formed after the legendary alt country band by the name of Uncle Tupelo fractured. One of the most prolific acts in the genre, Son Volt will appear at the Majestic in downtown Detroit on September 24.

Said to have created the alt country genre all together, Uncle Tupelo was active from 1987-1994. Founding members Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar. Both were influenced heavily by punk artists such as the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, but found the scene poorly received in the Bellview and St. Louis areas.

Introduced to country music by their parents, they began to incorporate elements of alternative into their country music, thus birthing the alt country genre. A falling out between singers Tweedy and Farrar led to Farrar's departure from Uncle Tupelo in 1994. Tweedy convinced the members to continue under the name Wilco, while Farrar obtained a new lineup and formed Son Volt.

Considered a staple in the alt country movement, Son Volt's music is commonly categorized as genre-spanning traditional American music. Fresh off of their latest release titled American Central Dust on Rounder Records, Son Volt will tour through the Midwest and eastern U.S. starting September 10.

Don't miss one of the most influential alt country acts during their short tour when the appear at the Majestic on September 24. Tickets are $20 a piece for individual sales or $16 in a four piece bundle.

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