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Son of God Project

I challenge you to take your kids and family to see the Movie. Go and seek out the lessons in the Movie about the life of Jesus. Teach them about the Old Testament and Bible. Let your kids during the Lent Season learn about the biography of Jesus. Learn about the Last Supper or when Jesus walked on water. Learn how the Romans dealt with Jesus. Learn about the Resurrection of the Messiah. Take time to explore the man who started Christianity with your home school kids. Let them explore in 2014 his words and see his life in this realistic movie. The movie's trailer can give you a glimpse on the life of Jesus and the movie seems to make you walk with Jesus.

Check out Movie Times and more information at : . Son of God is a movie to watch with your whole family and take time to explore the world around Jesus. You can then seek out other resources to learn about Christianity at Wilkes Public Library. The movie will also be shown in Spanish in select theaters across the United States. This is a great tool to teach your kids about Christianity and its roots. Let them explore the world of Jesus and what he meant to those around him. Go learn about Jesus in this realistic film that brings the Bible to life.

Then let your kids explore books on Israel, Jerusalem, or even books on Rome. Let your kids learn about the world Jesus lived in. Let them also explore the Jewish roots of Jesus. Let them explore about Passover and how the Jewish people came to come to Israel. Let your kids explore the ties of Christians to Israel . Let them learn about the world of Jesus and how Christianity has evolved.

You can also explore the Bible Series with your family : .

I challenge you to explore more on Jesus in 2014. Take the rest of the year to explore the world around Jesus. Learn about the Romans, the Jewish and others who lived in those times with your kids.

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