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'Son of God': New movie from 'The Bible' opens in theaters

Son of God” is a new motion picture that will be opening on Feb. 28, 2014. The “Son of God” producers are the persons who brought the very successful “The Bible” series to television last year. The "Son of God" in-theaters movie will consist of some of the footage from last year's miniseries as well as including some new scenes, according to a Los Angeles Times report on Tuesday.

Son of God: The movie
History Channel

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Those involved with making the motion picture have decided to do away with the character of the devil. As one may remember, there was a big controversy when “The Bible” was presented in miniseries form because Satan had a stark resemblance to President Barack Obama. Rather than reignite the controversy about that character being Obama-like in the movie, the filmmakers have decided to edit the devil out of “Son of God.”

Specifically, Roma Downey – the producer of the film – said that it gives her great pleasure to say that the devil is on the cutting0room floor. She went on to say that this is now a movie about Jesus, the son o God, and the devil gets no more screen time.

“Son of God” is two-hour motion picture from 20th Century Fox, much of which was taken from “The Bible” which aired on the History Channel in a 10-hour miniseries.

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