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'Son of God': Movie receives great reviews

Jesus (left)....portrayed by Diogo Morgado in "Son of God."
Jesus (left)....portrayed by Diogo Morgado in "Son of God."

The movie "Son of God" about the life of Jesus will hit theaters Feb. 28 in the midst of glowing reviews, according to the Salisbury Post. While producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett appeared on Fox last night (Friday, Feb. 21) to discuss the film in front of a national audience, religious leaders have already given it great reviews.

Cardinal Donald Wuer said he was deeply touched by several scenes. He said the reaction on the faces of Joseph and Mary as the Magi bow before Christ and they realize God's promises are coming true had an impact on him. He further said he was impressed by the scene of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and the portrayal of the first miraculous catch of the fish.

The 138-minute movie is billed as the first complete story of Jesus life since "The Greatest Story Ever Told" 50 years ago, is likely to be a blockbuster hit on the big screen much as "The Bible" was on the History Channel. That cable channel received record-breaking ratings when Roma Downey and Mark Burnett also produced that masterpiece.

Ms. Downey reprises her role as Mary, the mother of Jesus, from "The Bible." She also stars in the movie along with Diogo Morgado, who plays the role of Jesus once again. Morgado, born in Portugal, has received rave reviews for his portrayal of Jesus in both "The Bible" and the upcoming "Son of God." To his credit he has downplayed fans comments about his handsome appearance. He is concerned some people might not focus on Jesus as he hopes they will, if they are distracted by physical appearances.

Roma said she thoroughly enjoyed shooting the movie in Morocco and being able to relate the incredible story of Jesus to an expected huge crowd.

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