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'Son of God' already stirring Biblical controversy

The dynamic duo of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey continues to inform the world about some more of the happenings in the Bible. On Friday, February 26, 2014, Burnett & Downey will present Son of God, the story of Jesus Christ, which will be in theatres across the country.

Son of God reveals Jesus Christ
Son of God reveals Jesus Christ
/ Son of God
Son of God - the Movie - draws questions as it gives answers
/ Son of God

When you take a look at the Related Video from “Son of God” (see to the left of this column), you will notice that Jesus was at the Last Supper table and two things are considered out of context. First, Jesus drank some of the wine that he offered to His disciples. The Bible states that Jesus should not drink wine or strong drink, but could He have drank grape juice? Was the drink at the Last Supper fermented or unfermented juice? And secondly, it appears that Jesus pushed the bread into Judas mouth at the dinner table. Did Jesus give Judas the bread in his hand or, like the movie, place it in his mouth? Does it really matter?

Sure Jesus never said that He would change the world, but neither was it recorded that He drank anything other than water, or that He went to the bathroom to relieve Himself; nonetheless, He had the same bodily functions that we possess. Jesus Christ is God who lived as a man while on the earth. We weren’t there during Biblical times, regardless, it takes a person’s ‘imagination’ to concoct what may have happened and wasn’t recorded.

We could find many things that are speculated in occurrences from the Bible, still there were many things that were omitted. The fact still remains that the stories of the Bible are to be told by the burnettest historic references. If any man would benefit from the Greatest Stories Ever Told, then allow the Word of God to be expressed through Son of God.

Some people may think that Hollywood is altering the Bible, yet are they? How do you feel about this?

If you weren’t among the 100,000,000,000 (one hundred million) viewers, any of segments of “The Bible”, you can read and see them here:

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