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Son of God (2014): Review and Quotes

Son of God is the story of the life of Jesus Christ (played by Portuguese actor and star, Diogo Morgado), from the beginning to the end. There was so much in the middle though. It baffles our mind that this film is sitting on 5.4 stars at It totally blew our mind. Even after having read the entire Bible two years ago, there were still scraps that didn't seem to adhere to any other scrap, until we watched Son of God.

Son of God (2014): Images
Son of God

Morgado stole the show. It isn't that everyone else wasn't great, because they were. But, Morgado? Wow. He is a passionate actor. It was incredible to see someone portraying how tender and compassionate Jesus was/is. Additionally, writers handled the esoteric side of the movie with finesse.

For example, there is a scene where Jesus meets Peter (Darwin Shaw) at the shore and he picks up a rock. He looks at it for a brief moment, then, He casts it downward and walks away. Then, we realize why this important.

Jesus comes upon a harlot for whom the others are ready to stone to death. Jesus picks up a stone and asks who among them is better than this woman.

Son of God is as intense, as it is painful and beautiful.

Finally, the music was perfect and well used.


Jesus: Don't be afraid. Everything is possible with God.

Jesus: ...give to Caesar, what is Caesar's. Give to God, what is God's.

Jesus: My kingdom's from another place.

Jesus: Who do you think I am?

Mary: Peter, where is my son?

Mary: They're gonna kill Him.

Directed by: Christopher Spencer

Produced by: Mark Burnett

Written by: Richard Bedser, Christopher Spence, Colin Swash and Nic Young

Genre: Drama

Starring: Roma Downey, Diogo Morgado, Sebastian Knapp and Amber Rose Revah

Rated: PG-13

Released: February 28, 2014 (US)

Taglines: Their Empire. His Kingdom.

Time: 138 minutes

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