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'Son of Batman' won't leave Batman and DC Comic followers disappointed

Who would have thought that Batman would take the time to have a son? My concern is that in 'Son of Batman', this could kill sequels because that would mean that Batman would have to age. Believe me; nothing ages a character like having children.

Batman not only is shocked when he learns about his offspring but the child has been raised by a terrorist group, the League of Assassins. What a bummer. This kid is a wayward pre-teen.

In 'Son of Batman', the focus of this episode is on the smart-mouthed brat. Damian Wayne, played by Stuart Allan, does have a strong characteristic pair of shoes to fill as he has run ins with Robin, Alfred, Batman and his father Bruce Wayne. But is this an adolescent that we love to hate?

Jason O’Mara plays Batman and Bruce Wayne when off duty. "Son of Batman" is streamlining from the 2006 Batman and Son storyline so this movie is going direct-to- video. You will see reappearances of Gotham Knight and Killer Croc comic book characters.

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