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"Son of Babylon" is poised to win an Oscar at the 83rd Academy Awards

Yasser Talib as Ahmed in Son of Babylon
Yasser Talib as Ahmed in Son of Babylon
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Son of Babylon directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji and written with screenplay partner Jennifer Norridge is an emotional encounter the viewer will never forget experiencing. The outstanding performances of Yasser Talib as 12-year-old Ahmed and Shazada Hussein as his grandmother, searching for the boy's soldier father; combined with the cinematography of the barren landscape of the abandoned stark ruins of northern Iraq, makes Son of Babylon one of the best post war dramas on Iraq. The audience's attention is focused on the horrific horrors of the genocide of the Kurds by Saddam. Without the use of special effects or the staging of even one battle scene, Al-Daradji created a film that is a brilliantly melancholy, powerful and poignant.

The themes of forgiveness, friendships and redemption are part of the character's journey. “This is the real Iraq,” an art student said after a screening in Iraq. Son of Babylon is a cinematic adventure about the suffering of millions that the free world knows little about. Once again it is the casting of a child that makes this movie a masterpiece. It is a film that is hard to watch but the director through the boy's character adds humor to ease the pain of the circumstances of a people in search of their love ones.

The film was developed through The Sundance Institute and has been selected as the Iraq's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards. No Iraqi film has ever made it to the nomination stage before Son of Babylon. The film has received recognition worldwide, including at the Berlin International Film Festival 2010; and at the Hawaii International Film Festival in 2010 it won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film.