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Son of A Gun star Will Hayden arrested for repeatedly raping minor

 Thousands of polymer tip copper bullets.
Thousands of polymer tip copper bullets.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Both the Discovery Channel and Red Jacket Firearms have officially diassociated themselves with gunsmith Will Hayden following his arrest August 11th and again onAugust 26, on charges of repeatedly molesting and raping a child. According to police in East Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana Hayden began having sex with the (then) 11-year old child in 2013, with the latest rape occurring this past July. The girl told police that Hayden robbed her of her virginity and continues to force her to have sex with him “almost every day after that.” In addition, the affidavit filed by the child and her guardian stated that Hayden further “coerced her to keep silent by threatening her with physical abuse.”

"Don't tell them nothing because I'm all you've got," the affidavit says the 49-year-old Hayden told his victim.”

A native of Baton Rouge, William "Will" Michale Hayden was born July 24, 1965, and reportedly became fascinated with guns at an early age, and regularly read about weapons and warfare, before building his own firearms at the age of 17. The following year he joined the US Marine Corp., achieving the rank of Sergeant during his 6-year stint.

After being discharged, Will Hayden opened his own construction and refrigeration business, continuing to work with guns on the side, eventually selling his main business in 1999 to found Red Jacket Firearms. He later achieved national fame with the reality show “Sons of Guns” which focused on the specialized guns he makes. Hayden's daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Kris Ford also appeared on the program. The show, which has been aired on the Discovery Channel since 2011 has been cancelled due to his arrest.