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Sometimes we just have to accept that we are................human

The Winter Woods, Nauvoo AL 2014
Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

Sometimes we have to hurt in order to heal. Hurting wakes up the powerful emotions we sometimes hide deep within. If we don't experience the hurt we will never heal from the old tormenting emotions and grow into the new and loving, nurturing emotions.

Sometimes we have to fall down in order to get back up again. If we never know the pain of falling flat on our faces we will never know the exhilirating feeling of standing up with honor and dignity while rising up like the great Pheonix from the ashes.

Sometimes we have to loose it all in order to get back just a morsel of what we had before. If our plate is always full we will never know the pains of hunger. Hunger for love, hope, honesty, self respect, warmth. Sometimes loosing it all brings us more in return when we “accept” that we are only human.

Sometimes we have to grieve because without it we will never truly know how to love. To know grief means we know the deepest of pains. The loss of a loved one, a dear friend, a home, a dream. If we cannot grieve we cannot love. Love is the most powerful of emotions. It brings us through fire and hell and through the deepest of the darkest of human emotions. Love is all healing. Sometimes we just have to “accept.”

Life is filled with many lessons that sometimes don't always make sense but we take them with a grain of salt and we move on. It is not for us to understand every waking moment or to have the answer to every question or concern. There is a God who holds the answers. He is the one who solves the mysteries and whispers in our ear with comforting words of praise and support.

Sometimes we just have to...............................accept.


Because sometimes.............that's just the way life presents itself.

Today's societies are struggling even harder with economic crisis, food shortages, health and ergonomic issues. Domestic violence is on the rise and terrorism is running rampant all across the globe. It is no longer confined to just one country or continent.

Sometimes it is unavoidable that we must experience loss, failure, grief, hunger, and hardship. If we didn't we wouldn't be living on Earth and we wouldn't be human.

So with our hearts hurting, tears in our eyes, and our souls yearning for peace we must learn to take the blows, climb the mountains, swim the deepest of waters, and pull forth courage, strength and wisdom from the deepest of the deep. The deepest of our inner self, and.....accept....that....we....are...........human.

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