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Sometimes the dogs find you

Everything looks big to Millie the Puppy.
Steve Hensley

Everybody seems to know who the neighborhood dog rescue guy is. You can tell by the number of dogs he has. Or the large worn out SUV or Minivan he drives because he spends all his money on vet bills and dog food and needs something that can haul multiple dogs around. So when a pack of neighborhood kids went out and bought a puppy only to ;find out that nobody's mom or dad wanted them to bring the puppy home, as a last resort, they brought the puppy to my door. I was afraid to think of what would happen if I turned her down. Visions of this tiny puppy alone in the Dallas streets or drug crying into the shelter filled my head. Better she stay with my pack until we can find her a new home. Twenty dollars changes hands and I have yet another foster dog.

Millie was very thin when she first moved in. That didn't last long. Like all dogs her age she could really put away the puppy chow. She had no problem fitting in with my pack. Kadie the foster husky immediately took the new foster pup under her wing and watched after her. Cody the Border Collie herded her around the yard and Cherokee the Siberian made friends with her right away. I could watch for hours as my makeshift pack showed the new arrival how to be a dog.

Millie cried the day Kadie found her forever home. You just can't explain to a puppy the concept of foster dogs. One day here, the next off to a permanent home. But then Oodles the new foster dog showed up a few days later and Millie had a new playmate.

Animal Allies helped me with her vet bills and assistance in finding this little pup a new home. If you want little Millie for your very own, you can find her on Petfinder or their website. As for me, I'm going back to the pet store for some puppy food and some more leashes and collars. After all, when you are the neighborhood dog rescue guy, you never know when that doorbell is going to ring.

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