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A speaker on a radio show said that Obama still can't make a decision about our pipeline, despite Ukraine, despite China, despite the Middle East. He can make a decision. He has decided no.

It's not a hard decision. It's simple. North American oil will be pumped and it will be sent somewhere. We will use American oil, from our own sources or from somewhere else. Maybe even our own oil sold to us by someone else.

Refusal to give the OK for our own drilling has to be intentional, and the intention has to be to reduce our independence and prosperity, regardless of the nonsensical ecological verbiage meant to muddy this simple reality.

Obama isn't indecisive when he has a clear goal, such as his own election. Judging by the results, he's quite clear about his goals for the United States as well. His apparent lack of decision really is decision-making. He's getting what he wants.

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