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Sometimes life gets in the way of living

We all experience it. Just when life begins to make sense and everything seems ordered and alphabetized, something manages to unhinge us and set us back. Whether it be a minor set back or a complete upheaval of progress, we all feel the pain and heartache of losing our footing. We either chose to let this stop us in our tracks or use it to fuel the fire of desire to reach out and fight against these forces.

We don't always see it coming. It can be like a thief in the night hidden in the obscurity of shadows and deceit. The hidden dangers of unforeseen tragedy are not flashing neon signs telling us to turn back and we often fall victim to their trappings.  It may seem a sick injustice, a sort of cosmic trickery that we should ever know this sense of pain. Just as the moon drinks the glow of the sun, however, we must learn to feed from these experiences and become wiser. Without pain how can we ever fully appreciate pleasure? To believe all things happen for a reason is not an easy thing but it is not impossible to embrace this as truth.

When we learn to pay attention to the signs around us we become sensitive to the little nuances of a changing world we must learn to grow alongside. Even the intensity of dreams is not without sincere merit for it is when we learn to translate our own hidden intuitions that we learn so much about our own strengths. If we see themes in our dreams and nightmares it is best to not ignore them as superfluous fluff our minds concoct. The wonders of the human mind can often shed light upon our own inner battles and complex subconscious.

Every gain has a price. Free samples at a grocery store of a brand new product we have yet to try can lead to stomach upset and allergic reactions we would never have known if we never tried them, where on the other hand we may have a love for these new wonders we never dreamed. We never know what works or does not work if we never extend ourselves to try. Life is riddled with risks which  often times lead to reward.

Our feelings, much like the moon, are cyclical and never last forever. When patterns establish themselves we learn to pay attention to the signs of impending dangers. If we start to get the sniffles do we not seek out cold medicine? And if we are allergic to cats do we go lightly into a house where there are many felis familiaris without Benadryl? As is true with the cycles of our natures, we begin to evolve and accept that life isn't cut and dry and stagnant. We must find the strength to constantly learn from our pains so as not to suffer needlessly.

There is so much life has to offer if we just try. Giving u because we hurt doesn't ever truly eliminate pain because where there is life there is living. Life may be our birthright but living is what we do after we are born. Live the best you can because you'll always have opportunities to learn and grow.


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