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Sometimes government intervention can be a good thing

Cell phones off please until the plane has landed
Cell phones off please until the plane has landed
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No, I'm not in favor of intrusive government, but sometimes government has to intrude. We now have two government agencies deciding on whether or not to allow cell phone usage on commercial airlines. Can you imagine sitting next to some loudmouth blowhard as he yaks away spewing out some insidious, and boring conversation from one coast to another? What if you had two loudmouths on either side of you doing the same thing? This could easily happen if our government decides it's okay for passengers to begin making and taking phone calls on all flights. I can't stand listening to almost anyone's conversation especially if that person is speaking loudly. Trust me, in an airplane, there is noise on any flight: the engines, people talking or worse than that-babies crying--all at 35,000 feet!

Needless to say, there's no escape at 35,000 feet. Once begun, you will be a prisoner on a flight with a loud talking moron, and this moron like so many others---has endless talk time. Our collective fate is in the hands of two federal agencies: The Department of Transportation and The Federal Communications Commission. The DOT put out a long online plea on why this blessed ban NEEDS TO CONTINUE! The FCC feels, for whatever freaking reason, to lift the ban, and lower the boom of multiple voices chatting away on what was once referred to.."as the friendly skies". There won't be many friends left when sitting next to a loud talker. 9/11 might seem like a cakewalk after a year of cell phone calls on airlines. I've sat near crying infants on airplanes who, if I would have been allowed, could have utilized a small amount of corporal punishment to quiet them down (or at least on their parents). Nothing really surprises me anymore about America, and our insanity, which, as a baby boomer, I've seen enhance over the past fifty years. I would be against allowing Rap music on all commercial flights. I was on a flight almost ten years ago, where some young twit was allowed to bring his puppy, which was cute until it crapped and smelled up the cabin. No, at this point, we need our government to step up and do the right thing: keep the ban on in-flight cell phones.

Despite what many think, government can do good things. Social Security may be too much like socialism for you right-wingers out there, but it has been a savior to millions over time who never saved anything for their senior years. If you check now, the numbers on those who have saved much of anything for retirement is frightening. I don't care what anyone says, I think the government (state-local -federal ) was correct in mandating seat belts. It has saved lives, and over time conditioned people into wearing them. I also applaud the mandating of no-smoking indoors. Like it or not, sometimes in life, people are just too ignorant to what is best. You can mimic what you hear on Fox News or Glenn beck, but these cartoon characters are out to make a buck by railing against all things government. Those idiots too stupid to form opinions on their own, simply allow these creeps to think for them, and would never admit that government can do things correctly.

We will see how the cell phones on airline debate works out, but I would make a bet that even if the ban is lifted-it might just well be reinforced within a year. There is no sane reason people need to talk on the phone when traveling. I would say okay to a sort of in-flight phone booth on a plane, but they did have in-flight phones on planes in the past, and they vanished--I'm assuming from non-use. In the end, we all need to take a break from the internet, our cell phones, and communicating endlessly over insipid subjects like we do on Facebook Let's hope we don't have conversations one day about the good old days when airplanes didn't allow cell phone use. Haven't we all witnessed enough horror in our lives: why continue that now with airline cell phone use?