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Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

Sometimes Good Things Happen..
Love and Hip Hop

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Things such as are not under our control. For example, recently my son had a misfortune. On his way to work, when weather conditions were not so great, he hit an embankment and thus caused front end damage to the car. It was his fortune that he was not hurt and that he did not cause harm to anyone else. However, is it his misfortune that he for the moment has to rely on other’s for transportation? Perhaps you might ask yourself why on earth would he be driving in bad weather conditions. Well, what if I was to tell you that he was on his way to his job, in which he rarely ever misses a day. When others had called in, here he was loyally fulfilling his commitment to his employer despite the risk it may have possibly caused. In this day of high employment, isn’t that what we do at all costs – try to keep our jobs? So isn’t it strange - even satirical that had he called in just one day – that one day- he would still be driving and not depending on others to take him to work. In a sense, had he been unreliable, he could now be reliable. Sometimes thing happen which are unplanned and totally out of our control. Still, there is always a lesson to be learned from everything that we do. We don’t know yet what his particular lesson may be. Perhaps, it may be having gratitude for what we have even our own life. Perhaps it is my comfort that he won’t be driving in the awful snow that has caused a state of emergency several times in this New York city, in which he resides. Perhaps, it will be the happiness he will feel when he is driving again and the comfort of knowing that his persistence in wearing a seatbelt may have saved him from injury or death. How fortunate. I am especially comforted in knowing that he is a much more skillful driver than he used to be.

So now he must wait to hear from his insurance carrier and I guess all seems so unclear to him right now. Yet, I am sure that just as the phoenix rises again, this situation will not deter him from working, nor will it prevent him from pursuing his musical dreams. Just as he pursued his educational goals and graduated with a college education, he will persevere in spite of circumstances and not despite them.

What is the true lesson here? As I can see it, the lesson is that without things that happen to us despite all the good that we do, we would not find out what strength we have when bad things happen in spite of all that we do to prevent them. When we are young. .we all may not have bad times in which to build on to ensure us that good times are on the way…SO I LOOKED UP TO HEAVEN AND KNEW THAT MY DELIVERANCE WAS NEAR. Even if it is not near, children be comforted that you will survive.

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