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Sometimes an individual just needs some personal space

How do you spend your personal time?
How do you spend your personal time?

If you are in a relationship then consider yourself lucky.

Just think you have found someone who has sparked your interest enough for you to say to yourself, "I think this one is a keeper."

Depending on how long you have been in your relationship and the circumstances will determine how much time two people spend with each other. For those who live separately coming together is something that is viewed as an opportunity to finally be together.

For those who live together this opportunity is constant and the only time apart is when the two individuals who live together go to work. At the end of the day they are back together again and the routine starts over again. In this type of situation at some point not having enough personal space can become an issue.

The need for personal space can vary from person to person. Depending on an individuals personality will determine the type of personal space and the amount of it is necessary.

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In some cases women could unknowingly have their personal space without the intent. Their time at the salon or getting their nails done can be considered as personal space. Maybe running a few errands on the weekend, going shopping or just sitting listening to music helps them to enjoy time to themselves. Since this does not involve their significant other this could qualify. For men it's a little different.

Men are generally creatures of habit. In some cases they have the same routine and very rarely do they waiver. In some cases there are some men who need very little personal time. For some other men time alone is like eating, it is very necessary. Something as simple as working out at the gym could be their thing. Depending on how much time a person seeks for their personal space can cause problems in their relationship.

There are women who do not understand the need for a man to have time to himself. There are some men who feel the same way about a woman.For some it can be viewed as them not wanted to or taking time away from the other person. The solution in the case of men and women having personal space is balance. Balancing time in a relationship is significant to making it work. A person has to really know their mate in order to understand how much personal space they need and giving them the amount of space they need. Another thing to allowing personal space is trust.

Trusting a person is another key element to understanding personal space. An individual has to trust that if their significant other is not with them it doesn't mean they are spending time with someone else. It just means they need time for themselves.

The need for personal space can vary from person to person and from relationship to relationship. The key to a successful relationship is to know what will work for you and the person you are involved with.

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